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Best Hybrid Bikes For Men 2017

It’s not easy for a modern urban male to stay fit in the concrete jungle when there are so many responsibilities following them around. When life is too busy to let you go to a gym or follow any kind of dedicated fitness regime, you’ll have to do the best you can in between getting […]

Lanzar VCT2610 6,000-Watt 2-Channel High-Power Mosfet Amplifier Review

The Lanzar name might fail to ring a bell for most car audio enthusiasts; however, this behemoth of an amplifier will surely leave your ears ringing. Provided that it is backed up by powerful speakers or subwoofers of course. The best thing about the Lanzar VCT2610 is its ludicrous peak power output of 6000 Watts, […]

CT Sounds AT-60.4 Class AB 4 Channel Car Amplifier Review

While CT Sounds might be one of the lesser known brands out there, it is by no means a low-quality car audio equipment manufacturer. In fact, the CT Sounds AT-60.4 Class AB 4 Channel Car Amplifier is quite possibly one of the best 4 channel amplifiers available in the market today. Do not believe us? […]

Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier Review

Few brands offer the stellar reliability and quality as Kenwood does and even fewer amplifiers are as highly acclaimed as the Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier. This multi-channel amplifier might not pack in an absurd amount of power, but it certainly delivers with its rich audio output.
In this review, we will put the […]

Best 6×9 Speakers For Bass That You Absolutely Must Try!

Bass is important to people, and to some, it is a feature that they cannot do without in their sound system. For those of you who consider yourselves to be car audio addicts, having the perfect speaker system mean a lot. While there are plenty of reviews available online that talk about the best car […]

Make Your BMW Summer Ready With These Tips!

A fresh new attitude and a ripped beach body might be the things you need for summer, but what about your BMW car? Anyone who owns a car made by this prestigious German manufacturer knows that their vehicle is a cut above the rest.
So, it’s only natural that you take special care of your mean […]

ABS Lights- All You Need To Know

Are you perturbed by your vehicle’s ABS light coming on? Have you been scampering through web pages trying to find answers? Well, now that you have landed here, let us dig deep into the explicit details of ABS and uncover all the answers to your troubling questions.
What is ABS?
Before we get into the boring definition […]

Best 12 Inch Subwoofers 2018 [January]- Top 10 Subwoofers in the Market

The $50-$200 price range is crowded with a wide variety of excellent 12 inch subwoofers. Our list of best 12 inch subwoofers, coupled with an extensive guide aims to remove any ambiguity from your mind. Whether you are in the market for a complete subwoofer package or a single subwoofer, our list caters to all […]

Best 6×9 Speakers 2018 [January]: Guide to Choosing the Finest Speakers

The sub $100 price point is swarming with amazing coaxial car speaker systems.
One can easily get confused by the vast array of options.
We have put together a list of the best 6×9 speakers, along with a comprehensive guide to assist you in picking your favorite speakers.
If you are in the market for component speaker systems, […]

Best LED Headlights of 2018 [January]- Ultimate Guide to the Right Headlights for Your Car

If you were searching for the best LED headlights on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Most importantly, we’d like to thank you for taking the initiative of switching to LED lights because they are more environment-friendly and safer than traditional lamps. If you’ve got no idea where to begin your search, then […]