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Best 10 Inch Subwoofers of 2019: Ultimate Guide


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​Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch

​500 W

1 Year

​Pioneer TS-SWX2502

​400 W

1 Year

​Kicker 10C104 Comp 10 Inch

​150 W

​1 year

​Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

​300 W

1 Year

​JL Audio 10W0V3-4

​300 W

1 Year

​CT Sounds Strato 10 Inch

​800 W

​1 Year

​Belva 500 Watt Complete Car Subwoofer Package

​250 W

1 Year

​Skar Audio VVX-10v2 D2

​600 W

​2 Years

Are you on the lookout for the best 10 inch subwoofer for your vehicle?

Congratulations! You’ve landed at the right place.

In this best subwoofer list, you will read the reviews of eight top products in the industry that we have handpicked just for you.

These products have not only withstood the test of time but earned accolades from fans and critics alike.

These are the kind of subwoofers you’d want to buy if it’s a value for money product that you’re after. We believe that no one should have to compromise on quality just because they do not have an extravagant budget to spend on our subwoofers.

So go ahead and check out the eight reviews below and see what you like.

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Best 10 inch subs list

1. Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 10-Inch 500-Watt RMS 1000 Watts Peak Subwoofer

If you’re looking for the best 10 inch subs, you cannot go wrong with Rockford Fosgate. This model precisely embodies everything that the brand stands for and brings many exciting features for audio enthusiasts to feast upon. Combining superb quality with value for money, this is another subwoofer that we highly recommend.

Product Features

  • Peak power rating of 1000 W
  • RMS of 500 W
  • Comes with 2.50 inch aluminum voice coil
  • Comes with Fit Basket Design
  • VAST (vertical attached surround sound)

Product review

For those looking for hard-hitting bass within a conventional commute vehicle, the Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch P3 DVC will surely impress. This baby might be small in size, but it is mighty in power. The quality of the product becomes evident from the very first look you take added to build, with surpasses other products in the same price range.

The copper-clad aluminum voice coil, the vertical attached surround system, and thermal anodized aluminum cone, all work in conjunction to produce the purest sound with optimum efficiency. Despite being power hungry, we’d say that this product is worth it because of all of its other positive traits.

Pricing is another positive point that makes this product one among the best 10 in subwoofer models you can buy right now.


Click on the button below to check out product features and user reviews if you’re still unsure about buying the Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch P3 DVC subwoofer.

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2. Pioneer TSSWX2502 10-Inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure Sub Woofer

Coming second on our list best subwoofers is a product by Pioneer that is a class apart from its competitors. This is THE best 10 inch model because no other model provides value for money like this one does. Within $ 100, the Pioneer TSSWX2502 10-Inch Shallow-Mount promises to change the way you listen to music.

Product Features

  • Music power of 1200 W (300 W)
  • Sensitivity of 93 dB, Impedance: Single 4 Ohm
  • Frequency response of 20 Hz – 125 Hz
  • Scratch resistant enclosure surface
  • Tight bass due to shallow compact design

Product Review

The Pioneer TSSWX2502 10-Inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure Sub Woofer is undeniably an exceptional model despite its minor drawbacks. Even though it doesn’t accurately play individual notes, its capacity to produce excellent base and the comfortable fitting makes it well worth the price.

We say it is the best because it comes with an enclosure that further helps in increasing the quality of sound. It not only handles loud music pretty well but certainly bass frequencies shake up the car! When you position it correctly, you can count on getting the base and clear acoustic sound effortlessly.

Thanks to the convenient size of the subwoofer, it fits well even in tight spaces including under the back seat and inside of the trunk.


This is one of the premium 10 inch subwoofers that every car audio enthusiast must have. You can go ahead and buy it right now. We promise that you’ll be blown away by the sound quality!

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3. Pair of KICKER 10C104 Comp 10″ 600 Watt 4 Ohm Car Subwoofers Combo C10 10C10-4

What’s better than one Kicker audio product? It’s to Kicker Audio products at the price of one. For the first time, this is a known brand is giving you a pair of 10 inch subwoofers at a cost best fit for one. No, this is not a gimmick; this is undoubtedly one of the top 10 inch car subs deals you will find right now.

Product Features

  • Injection-molded cone with 360 degrees back bracing
  • High-temp coil wire
  • Strong steel basket with coil-cooling perimeter venting
  • Durable Spiralead tinsel leads
  • Handy spring-loaded terminals

Product Review

This pair of 10-inchers has already made their mark in the car audio industry due to their value for money. This isn’t a pair that produces only good quality sound but also looks the part. The build quality is super rigid and consists of injection molded cone with back a bracing capability of 360 degrees.

For heat dissipation, the height temperature coil wire and vented pole piece work wonders. You can expect these babies to stay light and cool at all times, even when you are blasting your choice of rock ‘n’ roll at full volume. The durable spiraled tinsel leads and handy spring-loaded terminals further aid in the cause.

As far as price is concerned, you might not get a better deal for a pair of subwoofers anywhere else apart from this.


In the best 10 in subwoofer category, no other product has made a mark among the audio enthusiasts as this one. Get it now before the stock runs out.

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4. PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Pioneer makes a comeback to take the fourth spot on our list with yet another fantastic product. The PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 Shallow-Mount Subwoofer provides a great fit, come with outstanding durability, and produce a loud bass sound that is enough to make anyone go head over heels. Check out some of the other features below.

Product Features

  • 100 – 300 W RMS with 1200 watt peak power
  • Mica-injected resin cone for super durability
  • Frequency response from 20 – 120 Hz
  • 4-Ohm subwoofer in the shallow Mount series
  • Mounting depth of 3 – 1/8 inch

Product review

This shallow mount subwoofer from Pioneer is able to deliver top-notch sound quality because of features like Mica-injected resin, oversized cone structure, and 3-1/8 mounting depth. Capable of handling a maximum of 1200 W, this product operates at 300 W nominal power. Moreover, it backs the brand value of Pioneer that is available nowhere else.

Despite being small in size, it never fails to provide deeper bass that audio enthusiasts absolutely adore. While some may think that it would be wrong to expect too much out of a 10 inch subwoofer, you’re going to be reasonably surprised if you keep expectations in check. It produces a deeper bass in lower frequencies, which is sometimes only noticeable in rap music.


The convenient sized PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Shallow-Mount Subwoofer is one of those models excels in almost all aspects, barring few.

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5. 10W0V3-4 – JL Audio 10″ Single 4-Ohm W0V3 Series Subwoofer

This subwoofer from JL Audio takes the fifth spot on our list of top 10 inch subwoofer primarily because of its price point and modest features. This product delivers exactly what it advertises – nothing more; nothing less. The features it provides hit the spot just right, without going too over-the-top. Check out what it has to offer right now.

Product Features

  • Polypropylene cone woofer for outstanding durability
  • Cone woofer is also mineral filled for maximum efficiency
  • Power handling is at 600 W peak RMS is at 300 W
  • Thanks to the elevated frame cooling, air comes straight to the voice coil
  • Large roll surround for ample excursion

Product review

JL Audio is no stranger to success as the company has been manufacturing top grade products for a long time now. People love the brand because of their consumer-focused pricing policies that put outstanding audio equipment in everyone’s hands. The JL Audio Single 4-Ohm W0V3 Series Subwoofer carries all the right aspects of the brand and then some more.

Well the sound this subwoofer makes will not blow your ear off; it certainly plays the deep bass one would expect their sub to do. The lows sound clean as well, making it an excellent choice for people who want to keep their music indoors.


This is a shallow mount subwoofer that you can fit inside of your car’s trunk or under the seat with ease. Go ahead and purchase it, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the results.

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6. CT Sounds Strato 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 800w RMS Dual 1 Ohm

Anyone who has ever experimented with car audio equipment, know that bigger is not always better. We echo their sentiments, and because of that, we bring you a product by CT Sounds that totally won us over. While we usually do not expect much power from 10 inch subwoofers, this one had as modestly surprised.

Product Features

  • Subwoofer with 1 Ohm nominal impedance
  • Maximum power handling 1600 W; RMS: 800 W
  • 2.5 inch dual voice coil
  • Non-pressed paper cone with a double stitching
  • Y35 ferrite magnet, which is the best in the world

Product Review

In search of the best 10 inch car subwoofer, we stumbled upon this product online and got impressed by the glowing reviews. We decided to check out the product for ourselves and see if it packs the punch people claim. Not too much of a surprise, we found that the CT Sounds subwoofer did live up to its reputation.

Apart from its capability to fit in small spaces, this subwoofer impressed us with its deep bass and hard hitting highs. The product itself looks fantastic from the outside, and we have no reason to believe it is not the same in its interior as well. Pair this baby with one among the best car amplifier and see how it rocks!


CT Sounds Strato 10 Inch Car Subwoofer packs quite a heavy punch in a small package and can be easily mounted at a depth of 5.7 inches. Check it out and see if you’d like to buy.

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7. Belva 500 Watt Complete Car Subwoofer Package

Before we see anything, we just like to make it clear that this product is listed as “Belva 500 watt Complete Car Subwoofer Package includes one (1) 10-inch Subwoofers in Ported Box, Monoblock Amplifier, Amp Wire Kit.” Yes, it means exactly what it sounds like. With every purchase, you get a lot more than what you had bargained.

Product Features

  • A complete subwoofer package, ready for every vehicle
  • Lightweight polypropylene cone that produces accurate low and mid notes
  • Peak power is at 500 W; RMS is at 250 W
  • Very easy to setup
  • More bass output every watt thanks to the subwoofer enclosure

Product Review

If you are looking for a value for money product, you probably won’t find a better deal than this. This bombastic set is the stuff of legends as you’re getting one 10 inch sub in a ported box, one monoblock amplifier, and one amp wire kit. The subwoofer peaks at 500 W total while its RMS power is 250 W total.

Thanks to its polypropylene cone, you can count on this product to give you accurate low and mid notes. This subwoofer is also compatible with most vehicles aside from being very easy to install. Due to the 10 inch ported subwoofer enclosure, you will also get more bass output per watt.


We count this product to be one among our best subwoofer list because it deserves it. You are getting A LOT for the price of ONE; so, why not buy it?

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8. Skar Audio VVX-10v2 D2 10″ 1,200W Max Power Component Subwoofer

Last but not least, our choice for the final top rated subwoofer goes to a product by Skar Audio. This neat little subwoofer looks great, has a strong building, and draws Max Power rating up to 1200 W. This is an entry level product that delivers its promises at a highly affordable price. Check out its features to know more.

Product Features

  • 10 inch component subwoofer with high strength paper cone
  • Stitching on the cone for additional support
  • Max Power: 1200 W; RMS power: 600 W
  • 2.5 inch voice coil capable of handling high temperatures

Product review

The Skar Audio VVX-10v2 D2 10″ 1,200W Max Power Component Subwoofer was designed to sound extremely accurate and insanely loud. While car audio enthusiasts may still feel that the volume could have been higher, the regular people will be blown away!

It’s the rich features that include custom tool basket, forms around, competition grade paper cone, and high-temperature voice coil ensures that you get top notch performance all around. It can reach peak levels of over 1200 W effortlessly and has the mechanical prowess of handling a variety of music types with utmost ease and accuracy.

You can install this model quickly and enjoy the serious bass pumping it delivers, day in and day out.


In our mission to bring you the best, we’ve done tons of research in finding products that are both critically acclaimed and customer’s favorite. So, there is no way you can go wrong with this one!

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Car Subwoofer Shopping Guide

If a subwoofer capable enough of shaking your card is what you’re after, then it is important that you choose the right one. So, when looking for a model that will put a serious boom in your music, look for the following components and their quality as they will affect your listening experience.

1. Subwoofer size

Remember, you only need a sub or two that has enough power to fill up your car space with the appropriate sound. For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to buy big subwoofers when you drive a small compact car. Not only will the inappropriate subwoofer fail in creating the best bass impact, but they also might not fit inside.

There is no such thing as the “right size, ” and you have to purchase according to your car size and preference. 10 inch subwoofers are popular in the market because they are small enough to fit small and average size vehicles without compromising on sound quality. People who want finer quality music may choose to go for 12 inches or higher.

2. Construction material

As a rule of thumb, it’s always the best choice to go for highest quality materials available out there. Some people, for instance, only have a taste for costly aluminum cones while some prefer the lower-priced polypropylene cone. But make no mistake about it; polypropylene is a cost-effective material that helps to produce quality bass at a lower price.

All the subwoofers in our  list happened to have polypropylene cone because we believe in quality at affordable prices. You don’t have to think twice before buying any of them; we promise that they’ll be worth the money.

3. Power requirement

You cannot purchase a subwoofer without first checking on its power requirements. This step is simple – just match the suggested power with a power amplifier and see where you stand. Take a look at the exterior dimensions of the amp and see if you need more space for the air to circulate and for wiring. This will allow you to estimate the space you’ll need for the entire setup.

If you didn’t know already, let us just say that even 10 inch subwoofer and amplifier installation can eat up a lot of space in the hatch or the trunk. Thankfully, the products we mentioned in our best 10 in subwoofer review are either mostly shallow mount or slim mount subwoofers that fit without taking up too much space.

4. Brand

Look, no matter what anyone says brand does really matter! We found out in our experiments with audio how branded products stack up against cheap, nonbranded ones. So, we will never recommend you to buy an off brand 10 in subwoofer just for the sake of lower price.

All the brands we suggested above – Pioneer, Rockport Fosgate, CT Sounds, JL Audio, and others are reputable names with many accolades in the industry. You can go ahead and check out their reputation and experience by yourself.

Planning to buy one now?

Okay, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the best 10 inch subwoofers and how to buy them. We prepared this list keeping in mind that everyone has their own budget and would always want to purchase a product that provides the best value for money. There’s no reason to wait anymore; go ahead and take your pick right now!

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