Best Bluetooth Adapter for Cars: Must Read [2020]

Listening to your favorite tunes while on a car trip can be fun.

But choosing a bluetooth adapter that  seamlessly connects with your mobile device?

Ummm.. not so much!

Wireless Bluetooth adapters are amazing devices that can solve all your ‘on the go hands-free’ demands.

But picking the one that can suit your needs can get quite difficult, especially if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth adapter for car stereo.

With the advances in technology, each adapter unit is equipped with the latest in modern ingenuity. From AVRCP to MAP they each boast a variety of attractive features.

Hey, this is Roger and welcome to my guide on the Best Bluetooth Adapter for Cars.

To help you out with the decision, I’ve listed 5 of my personal favorites and wrote an entire buyer’s guide in regards to what to choose.

So, sit back and read along.

5 Top Bluetooth Adapters for Cars

1. Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Radio Receiver.

Nulaxy has been around the car audio scene for a long time now. And as one of the pioneers in the field of Bluetooth audio devices, they are a widely popular choice for most car owners.

Their current flagship model of the Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Radio Receiver is the latest addition to their lineup that boasts terrific cutting-edge features.  

So, what are the secrets to its attraction?

Universal Compatibility.

This is what got me absolutely sold on the Nulaxy. Rarely can a Bluetooth device boast compatibility with all devices and operating platforms, may it be android, Apple or Linux. But this model of the Nulaxy is a significant upgrade from the previous version and is primarily built to fit any operating device seamlessly.

Generous LED screen and Caller ID

The Nulaxy is equipped with a larger than life LED display that is very easy to read and quite convenient to operate. Its best selling feature is the caller ID tracking. As it is paired with your phone, every time you receive a call while driving or listening to music, the phone number pops up on the screen along with the caller ID.

What I didn’t like.

The Nulaxy has no on/off switch, so the only way to shut it off is by unplugging it from the car. Even if you turn off your car, the unit will remain active if still plugged in.

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2. Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit.

The Kinivo BTC450 is one of the best when it comes to providing fantastic hands-free calling service while at the same time accentuating your car’s interior decor. With a sleek, black and a streamlined design, the Kinivo can become the centerpiece of your vehicle that draws immediate attention.

Apart from its impressive style, the Kinivo boasts fantastic features as well.

Impressive Audio Quality.

Bluetooth sound devices are not known to have excellent audio quality. But the Kinivo surprised me with its incredible bass and clarity, producing an effect almost as good as a home theatre.

I am by all means a ‘headbanger,’ and that fact is especially true when I drive. May it be metal, or psychedelic or reggae, the Kinivo gave me one of the best car-music experiences.

Bluetooth auto connect.

When traveling over a long distance with multiple stops in between, it can be a hassle remembering to press the connect button every time you get in the car. The BTC450 solves this issue with its auto connect feature, which effortlessly syncs with your phone when you are in Bluetooth range.

What I didn’t like.

The Kinivo is at a disadvantage when it comes to pairing it with multiple devices. It only connects to a singular device, and if you want to pair it with another, you must first reset the pairing settings and remove the initial paired profile. This may feel quite inconvenient for certain customers.

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3. Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Streambot Hands-free & Wireless Car Kits.

The Mpow is all about being your favorite companion while on the go. One of the more portable and compact Bluetooth devices on my list today, the Mpow has been steadily gaining popularity because of its unique design. Heck, it’s as big as my car keys and small enough to fit inside my wallet.

But its portable size is not the only thing that makes it so special. Its small size packs a punch when it comes to user convenience and features.

Fantastic Battery Backup.

Most substandard car Bluetooth devices in today’s market are not as efficient with their battery usage. Even though they boast impressive high-end features, they do not provide sufficient battery life to enjoy them for long.

The Mpow, on the other hand, comes with 8 hours of nonstop use and all it needs in return is one and a half hours of charge.

Next generation of Bluetooth.

The Mpow uses the latest version of Bluetooth which is 4.1, which alongside providing crystal clear sound, improves transmission clarity as well. It truly becomes your favorite traveling companion.

What I didn’t like.

The device comes in a plastic housing which is not as durable as I had hoped. After prolonged use, its internal mechanisms can give away and melt due to excessive heat from charging. The build is flimsy to the tough as well and feels like it can fall apart any moment.

4. TaoTronics BA10 Bluetooth transmitter.

What if I tell you, that it’s possible to carry your own personal Bluetooth wizard in your pocket and turn every device you meet into a Bluetooth capable machine? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But I bring you the TaoTronics BA10 to convince you otherwise.

What makes the BA10 so attractive is how it is ideal not just for your car but your living area as well.

Bluetooth Wizard.

The BA10 has the fantastic ability to turn every non-Bluetooth audio sources like television and wifi audio systems into Bluetooth capable devices. And by pairing the transmitter to your Bluetooth headphones, you can seamlessly hear the audio of the TV without disturbing the other members of the house.

Huge Bluetooth Range.

With a Bluetooth range of 20m, the TaoTronics BA10 provides perhaps one of the longest Bluetooth range of any entry-level Bluetooth device. No matter how far away your couch is from the TV or you are from your car, the BA10 doesn’t compromise on sound quality and gives you one of the best Bluetooth audio experiences.

What I didn’t like.

A bummer for me was the battery, or rather how the battery dies out so suddenly. Even with 12-hour battery life, the BA10 does not warn you before switching off. Perhaps it flashes a sequence of lights beforehand, as a warning, but you cannot see them if you are on your couch. Though inconvenient, it’s not a deal breaker.

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5. Otium Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Receiver Stereo Radio Adapter Car Kit.

If you are looking for a high-end Bluetooth device that will not burn a hole through your pockets, then why not give Otium a try? With an amazing design, broad device compatibility and dual USB charging, the Otium is one of the best when it comes to convenience and user-friendly features.  

So what makes it so convenient?


Unique Design.

The Otium might look a lot similar to Nulaxy when it comes to build, but the differences are quite prominent when it comes to the LED display. The Otium’s LED doesn’t stop at just displaying the caller number and id. It goes as far as showing the voltage of the battery, the name of the song that is playing and the FM volume as well.

Broader FM frequency range.

Not many Bluetooth devices capture a broad frequency range, as they are usually limited between a 90-105 MHZ range. But the Otium, on the other hand, is able to capture any FM station between a range of 87.5 MH all the way to 108.0 MHZ. It even supports additional Aux input and output for a full frequency point launch.

What I didn’t like.

Its problems are quite similar to the Nulaxy as well. The lack of an on/off button is quite inconvenient, as you will have to plug it and unplug it every time you get on or get off the car.

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Buyer’s Guide to Best Car Bluetooth Adapter

Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind, before purchasing a Bluetooth device.

1. HFP

This point is a no-brainer really. The best Bluetooth adapter for cars must have an HFP or Hands-Free Profile, that enables hassle-free speakerphone calling. After a brief pairing process, your car stereo’s speakers and microphones should take over the output and input of calls while driving.

But the best feature of the HFP is that it comes with sister profile also known as a the PBAP, or the Phone Book Access Profile, that syncs with the contacts stored on your phone to either display or speak the name of the caller.

2. A2DP audio playback.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth adapter for car stereo, then make sure that the adapter you wish to buy has an A2DP or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This allows the cars audio systems to not just receive stereo audio from the connected Bluetooth phone but enhances the sound clarity as well.

Along with A2DP some devices even offer AVRCP or Audio/Video remote control Profile which allows the Bluetooth receiver to gain metadata from the connected phone. This allows the device to control the music playback improving the stereo experience automatically.

3. Hands-free messaging.

Message Access Profile (MAP) is one of the new features in the Bluetooth device market. MAP gives your car bidirectional access to messages on your phones. This allows the car stereo speakers to read your messages aloud, and you don’t have to break your concentration while driving.

I know how tempting it is to reach out for your phone, every time it bleeps for fear of important messages. MAP helps you stay focused on the road, allows you to send a crisp “I am stuck in traffic” reply with just the press of a button.

4. Universal Compatibility.

No matter how fancy its features, the Bluetooth adapter will be quite useless if it is not compatible with a vast range of operating platforms. Not only should it be compatible with your cellular device but with your car as well. And the pairing mechanism must be hassle-free and convenient.


The world of Bluetooth devices is a breathtaking place with endless possibilities. From reading out our messages on the go to syncing with our contacts to show caller id, the Bluetooth technology brings such convenience at our fingertips.

The importance lies in being able to choose the one that fits you the best.

Hope I was able to help you out today with my guide today.

Till we meet again!

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Roger is a mechanical engineer by day and grease monkey by night, who spends all his free time tweaking things in his car. His love for car audio equipment is only matched by his desire to help others find the best products suited to their needs.

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