Best Car Subwoofer 2018 [January]- Your Guide to The Ultimate Collection!

Having to drive a long way across countryside often involves can be stressful for both the driver as well as his/her passengers. At one point, when people run out of topics to chat and discuss, they need some kind of recreation to keep them entertained. This is when having the best car subwoofer can come as a blessing.

The best way to describe subwoofers would be to refer to them as type of speakers that are solely dedicated to reproducing low frequencies. Since car speakers are usually small, they often struggle with producing the right amount of low quality sound that would give your music realism and depth.

Having the best car subwoofer installed on your vehicle will significantly improve your listening experience, regardless of how soft or loudly you want the music to be. Essentially, a quality subwoofer can mean all the difference between a good and a great sound system.

Of course, you must also know how to choose the right product – that usually depends on your listening preferences, budget, and the type of your car. Thankfully, you don’t have to look elsewhere to know about subwoofers because our car subwoofer reviews will tell you everything.

Size Specifications of Subwoofers

Here are some of the most commonly available subwoofer sizes in the market today:

8-inch Subwoofers

An 8-inch subwoofer may just be a small subwoofer when a person imagines the size. However, this 8-inch woofer can work wonders as they are rendered to be faster and more responsive. This is mostly suitable for people who enjoy music with light bass. Not sure if 8 inch subs would be the best fit? Check out our best 8 inch subwoofers guide to know more about the best products out there.

10-inch Subwoofers

These types of subwoofers probably the most commonly used of all time, and they are known for being the safest bet in the subs category These subwoofers are generally fast paced and can keep up with producing decent bass. They can also function pretty well for hard and heavy music too while producing excellent bass with a lower level of distortions.

Although for getting the best result when it comes to heavy bass, it is always recommended for purchasing dual 10-inch subwoofers. Why don’t you check out our full guide on the top 10 inch car subs by clicking on the link?

12-inch Subwoofers

These subwoofers are perhaps the most commonly sold types in the market. The size of the woofers and output it generates are commonly suited for almost all kinds of music. With tolerance to extreme frequency, limits and the ability to produce a great deal of bass, 12-inch subwoofers will ensure the production lines of these types are on the higher side.

Although these subwoofers usually don’t keep up that well with fast paced music as comparison to 10-inch subwoofers, this will suit almost all the types of music genre. Check here if you’re looking for exclusive and the best 12 inch subwoofers.

15-inch Subwoofer

The largest size of available subwoofers in the market, but does not prove any better solution for a day-to-day music listener. The mammoth size of the subwoofer is suited for those persons, who can listen to ear-ripping bass music.

Else, if you have a very large vehicle chamber, and your fellow travelers are accustomed to listening to hard rock music genre, this music is perhaps the best bet they can afford to listen. Click here to read our round up on the best 15 inch subwoofers for your car.

Top 5 Subwoofers of 2017

Subwoofers can act as vital components of a car, for their ability to produce low-frequency bass. These subwoofers have more than frequency handling system and ensure the stereo usage in your vehicles isn’t compromised.

Although most of the cars have inbuilt manufacturer made subwoofers, which may not be the best when it comes to output. In this case, a user has the full liberty to go and purchase a subwoofer of their choice and use it to full potential.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our top five choices that we believe are the best cheap car subwoofers that everyone can afford. So go ahead and check them out.

1. MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure

MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure is a product based from an American company called as MTX Audio. They manufacture high quality and high definition sound output enabled speakers to your vehicles, a thing that might give you and your fellow travelers a delightful experience while traveling for a long distance.

The structure component used in this product is made using medium density flip board materials, which allows the maximum output. Thus, this is one of the best durable subwoofers available online at an affordable price. Rest assured you will get to experience the intense bass effect all throughout the time you will be using this model.

One of the specialties of this speaker is the overall extra noise reduction method, which will allow this to produce the best experience while traveling.


Large Speakers: The entire components, including subwoofers, amplifiers and all result in power packed combination producing beautiful sound output. This is typically suited for bigger cars like some LUV’s, Limousine, etc.

Fantastic Appearance: Outstanding appearance is perhaps one of the main aspects of MTX Terminator TNE212D when fantastic looking speakers combine with power packed inbuilt system. This is exactly what a person might look for considering the properties this provides with the cost effectiveness.

The vintage looks of the subwoofers add to the charm of listening to a country music while crossing the vast countryside is.

Compact Size: One more feather in the products USP is its compatibility and easy to carry size. This is made using quality propylene material, which can sustain numerous stress levels and other external usage. Thus, the user has the liberty to switch different places of his choice to place the speaker according to the convenience.

Best Experience: For having the best effect of having a 12-inch subwoofer, the overall wattage has been set to a whopping 1.2kW and unit wise a single subwoofer will require 250 watts power. The sound output is of a quality that would undoubtedly make you fall in love.

Even though this product is outstanding for what it’s worth, it is not without its faults. Some of the things that we like and dislike about this subwoofer are mentioned below.


  • Lesser distortions are seen because of having 2 ohms speaker-handle impedance.
  • Spider Plateau Venting allows these subwoofers ensure cooling of the interior components.
  • This subwoofer is made using a tough material known as MDF, which results in the entire durability of the component.
  • This weighs about 48 pounds and the manufacturers offer a complete wear and tear warranty of 5 years, which can be considered a long time considering the nature of the product.
  • Even though the price may seem like a bit on the expensive side on the surface, it is actually a very affordable model.


  • You might face difficulties installing this model in smaller cars as for various space-related issues that might pop up during installation.
  • Excessive Wattage may consume a bit more power than necessary.


MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure is perhaps the one subwoofer you might seek, considering the ability of the subwoofer to produce magnificent results for large vehicles without much of distortion or output wastage. The MDF material ensures toughness against various external elements and compression.

Even though the price may seem like a bit on the upside, the features and quality does more than make up for the value of the product. If you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of music, then this product would suit your personality just fine.

Interested in this product? Read the full review here:

2. Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer

Rockville RW10 CA 10” 800-Watt Slim Low-profile subwoofer is one such virtual company that you might seek while commuting to your destination. This is undoubtedly one of the best VFM subwoofers available in the audio industry today. This power packed music player is so compact that the whole sub enclosure including the wiring will only be 2.7 inches thick.


Rockville RW 10 CA 10” 800 Watt subwoofer is at its top of the performance when it comes to providing best output by a subwoofer of that class. Let us discuss further about the subwoofers in details:

High Input Wiring: This feature fits the instrument fitted with technology, which will allow performing the task of remote wire from the receiver to trigger the entire unit’s on and off functions.

Control Features: Control features allow the process of sound filtering really low frequencies, which a human ear cannot hear. This has a low crossover filter to perform the extra task of boosting the bass system.

Size and Shape: This apparatus can easily fit under the seat of your car, without having to take extra space inside the car and yet produces the best sound output by a 10-inch subwoofer in the price range.

Quality Control Features: Rockville, the makers of this wonderful masterpiece, assures you to give the best product for the best price, and thus they take each unit very seriously when it comes to quality check.

All these products undergo vital tests to ensure that the customer is not disappointed on a failed unit and for ensuring more safety; Rockville announces 5 years warranty on the product from the date of purchase.

Durability Check: Durability check is done while the product is sent for a quality control check, by this property, one can be assured that the product has clearly withstood enough treatment to be hard and durable from external pressure and applications.


  • This is the vital significance of the subwoofer being compact in size and easily adjustable to any place and situations.
  • The sensors present in the system ensure delayed remote turn on, and thus the process of checking for errors is ensured within the system.
  • The peak wattage is a whopping 800 Watts, although ideally works for an RMS of 200 Watts on a given condition.
  • Lesser-input power is required as a part of the vehicle, thus allows a constant playback even with lesser charge.


  • This may not suit large vehicles very well. In this case, the net performance output, as well as the power, will not permit better performance for a large sized car.
  • Some people have reported sensor related issues about failing to detect the power function and consequently, not turning on


Rockville RW10CA, 10 inch subwoofer, is one of the most popular names in the world of 10-inch subwoofers, having to be one of the best products from a brand that’s already made it big in the market. The assurance of quality check and guarantee given by the company is something we all should acknowledge.

Thus, for a 10-inch subwoofer purchase, this has to be one of the best options for investment available to you. So, go ahead and check it out.

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3. Skar Audio EVL-15 D4 15″ 2500 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer

You’ve heard of Skar Audio, right? The infamous brand from Tampa, Florida that is creating ripples in the car audio industry? If not, we have got some news for you! This 15 inch subwoofer model has already become one of the most critically acclaimed audio systems of all time, propelling the brand’s reputation even further.

So what exactly does this sub have that others don’t? Well, for starters, this model is exceptionally good in producing high quality sounds in low frequency. So, expect to hear all those low notes that you never knew existed, the next time you play your favorite music. Keep on reading to find out what else this device has to offer.


Superior low-end sound: The entire EVL series is recognized for reproducing low end sound masterfully, and this one is one among them. Its ability to handle the frequency of low range notes with so much authority is what that makes this product a worthy purchase.

Extreme power handling: Being a 15 inch subwoofer, this device was made to put music on blast. So, it’s only natural that the model should have the build that allows such a function. This model consists of a 4-layer, aluminum voice coil that can withstand extreme temperature and keep the music rolling for as long as you want.

Better airflow: To keep things cool in the presence of the high flux ferrite motor, Skar Audio has incorporated an advanced flow cooling design. Since the air cooling feature has been built into the motor structure, you can expect this baby to perform smoothly even when the temperature soars.

Superior looks: Although this element shouldn’t matter much to most people, we do play some importance on how car audio systems look. You’ll be glad to know that this doesn’t disappoint. This 15 incher comes with a matte/gloss finish that lends a look of luxury that you can’t help but appreciate.


  • Exceptionally brilliant lows that should take your musical experience to the next level
  • Outstanding build quality that promises long life and great audio at all times
  • Utilizes many different aspects of sound engineering to give you the best experience
  • Value for money purchase


  • Some people might not like the fact that this subwoofer is heavy


Should you buy this 12 inch car subwoofer? Oh, absolutely! You’d be doing yourself and the fellow bass-heads a great disservice if you decide to not purchase this one. However, make sure there’s enough space inside your vehicle to properly place this model. You can buy this product in sizes ranging from 6.5 inches to 18 inches – how about that?

4. Dual BP1204 12-inch Subwoofer

Dual BP1204 12-Inch subwoofer is perhaps one of the best choices for such people would like to keep company of music while commuting long distances. BP 1204 12 inch subwoofer comes with a beautifully illuminated band pass, which greatly improves the overall visual appeal of your vehicle.

The maximum wattage is set at 1100 along with 2 boxes of 12 inches. This model can be reconsidered as the best car subwoofer considering the whole system outlook. Unlike many subwoofer systems that stick out like a sore thumb, the color of these models is so attractive that you might consider changing your car’s interior decor to match the colors.


Inbuilt Acoustic Chamber: These subwoofers arrive with an inbuilt acoustic chamber, which will manipulate brilliant results when it comes to output efficiency. With a computer-aided design at its chambers, the output level ensures to create a bass of amazing sounds.

Attractive Illumination System: The usage of illumination of the subwoofers, which emits blue light, will add to the ambiance of playing any music genre while traveling.

Sustainability: BP1204 12-inch subwoofers come with the trust of providing one of the best experiences by 1100-Watts subwoofers. The provision of dual speakers will allow the channeling of sound waves in a systematic manner, in order to intake high sound pressure levels.

Additionally, the frequency range of 25-200 Hertz with lower impedance allows optimum charge while playing music for a longer duration of time.


  • The model has a decent sensitivity level of 89 decibels. This allows the tolerance to be at a balance considering while traveling in a car.
  • Blue Illumination with Plexiglas windows offers the user to install the subwoofers according to the place he wishes to setup.
  • The presence of glued MDF construction added along with bracing allows the longevity of the speakers. The presence of carpet covering ensures proper car safety for both the speaker and the car.
  • Inbuilt Acoustic Chamber with computer-aided technology allows the user to have the feel of having the best sound systems with an amazing output.


  • This is suited for smaller cars, and it’s quite likely that the performance wouldn’t be as good in larger vehicles like limousines.
  • Price could have been slightly better


BP1204 12-Inch subwoofer is a trendsetter as far as the external appearance of a product is concerned. The presence of the blue illumination along with the Plexiglas windows will ensure the installer to install this product according to his wish.

This is a huge plus considering the product’s features meant to produce quality acoustic sounds. When we talk about acoustic sounds, the computer-aided design adds to the efficiency of the chambers to produce the desired output.

You can go ahead and buy this with your eyes closed. You we promise that you want be disappointed in any way.

Interested in this product? Read the full review here:

5. Sound Storm LOPRO8 8-inch 600-Watt Amplified Subwoofers

Car Audio Systems are never complete unless they have quality subwoofers built in them. The primary purpose of these subwoofers is to alter bass and produce music the way it’s meant to be listened. Thus, before travelling, one needs to select amongst the best sound systems suiting their vehicles and even the budget of the buyer.

Sound Storm LOPRO8 8-inch 600 watt subwoofers are sometimes considered as one of the better 8-inch subwoofers available in the market because of its nominal price and propensity to provide the bass. This model is best suited for listening to Rock music as the low bass allows the listeners to feel the instruments even more clearly.

Features of LOPRO8 Subwoofers

Power Output: Works at a maximum of 600-wattage and the overall power supply is controlled by the presence of a MOSFET type transistor. These will allow high, low-level inputs of power as per the supply lines.

Size: This is an 8-inch Low Profile amplified subwoofer, and the height is exactly 3 inch. Thus, in short, this will not consume a hefty space during installation.

Subwoofer Sensor: The presence of remote subwoofer control ensures the system remains on, whenever there is a possible requirement of turning off the music players, like the situations of gas filling. Thus, the property will ensure safety in the vehicle too.

Subsonic Filter: Subsonic filter and phase control will allow the systematic control of the subwoofers net output.

RCA Low-Level Inputs: This is a feature, which will let the power phase to control any surge of power in the system.

Amplifiers: The special Class A/B amplifier ensures the circuitry and the net quality of power output remain in a check, thereby reducing distortion and enhancing efficiency.


  • Low-Level Input RCA: This is the feature responsible for holding the system against any possible power surge issues.
  • Phase Selector switch to set from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • Low pass filter and Subsonic filter from minimum 20 hertz available to manipulate appropriate frequency.
  • Complete protection from short circuit and overload related issues are well protected because of high power resistance.
  • Soft DELAY remote feature is available to ensure different power related operations.
  • Bass Boost system allows the adjustment of low bass within the stipulated boost range and thereby reduces noise reduction to a great level.


  • As the output of sound is concerned, the output is suitable for a small car. Therefore, if you own a bigger car, this is definitely not the subwoofer, which will suit it.
  • Subwoofers only produce basses according to the power supply, which means the quality might differ from different systems and woofers.


LOPRO8 8 inch subwoofers are typically suited for those cars and users, who desire to listen to low bass sounds. They should suit even those vehicles where the power consumption to speakers is on the minimal side.

This model is a blessing for such cars, and when you combine the low consuming RCA along with the other admirable features, it can be one of the very best car subwoofer anyone can ever own. Be sure to check out the product on for the best prices and improved customer support.

Interested in this product? Read the full review here:

How to Choose a Subwoofer for your car

We are done discussing the kinds of subwoofers and their properties you’ll usually find in the market. However, before going to purchase a subwoofer, a person needs to be aware of things in order not to get duped or find inappropriate speakers to their vehicles. Here are a few important things you must keep in mind to choose the right product:

1. Choosing the correct type of Subwoofer

  • In this step, you require a quick research work from the part of the buyer as there as subwoofers available in various range of sizing from 8 inches to 15 inches in size. They are to be fitted, in an enclosure and should be attached to an amplifier. There is a small set of difference between the types of subwoofer speakers in enclosure setup.
  • When you see the term component subwoofers come speakers only, it means that the enclosure and the amplifiers are available separately. Which means the user will have the liberty to choose from a set of amplifiers and enclosure according to their requirement. This is one of the steps, ideally suited for those users, who love to experiment and customize their vehicles very often.
  • On a usual case, the enclosed subwoofers are always pre-mounted in a box. In this case, you must ensure to choose an external amplifier for this type of subwoofers.
  • The vehicle specific subwoofers are usually available in all the cars, where the company designs the audio systems. In this case, the user will be ensured that they might not receive the exact kind of output expectations, which they would have thought while booking, especially those, who frequently modifies their vehicles. Usually, in these subwoofers, the presence of big bass sound is very remote.
  • The availability of powered subwoofers typically includes speakers and amplifiers under one compact unit or enclosure. These are specially suited for smaller vehicles or cars, where space constraint is a major issue. With low installation space required, this might be just as compact as the user would have ever thought about.


2. Specifications

  • Sensitivity: A powerful or a compact subwoofer will always require higher sensitivity tolerance in order to handle large sound barriers.
  • Power: For those who seek higher bass, they should ensure to purchase those subwoofers with high-end bass sounds.
  • Frequency: Frequency is an important aspect in sound systems as the level of tolerance and frequency modulations should be and seen without any flaws.
  • Enclosure: Enclosure is basically the type of subwoofers a car might accommodate. Better, the enclosure better is the overall sound output.
  • Impedance: Impedance is one more property of sound, which will facilitate the workings of the amplifier. The usual range of impedance available is from 2-8 ohms. Before purchasing, always be double sure that the impedance matches to the amplifier of the subwoofer to prevent yourselves from an unwanted problem.
  • Voice Coils: There are two types of voice coils, single and dual. Usually, a person goes for single voice cells and most of the times a person who often indulges in the practice of customization uses dual voice cells as for their better flexibility and sound output facilities.


Choosing the Appropriate Music Genre

Choosing a music genre is as essential because most of the times, the sound coming out of this subwoofer bass are either hip-hop or heavy-metal. In these cases, it is better to install a 2 subwoofer system. However, if the user prefers listening to soft music or opera type songs, a single subwoofer will be more than handy.

Do a quick online research and see what type of music best suits your choice of subwoofers and take it further from there. Also, you must keep in mind of your car’s capability before settling for a product.

However, while searching anything online, always be double sure that the quality of the product is never dependent on the usage by different buyers. So in case you come in front of critical reviews do take them seriously and look out for the critical tips they provide for the users.

No matter what genre of music you prefer, stay confident that there is a subwoofer that is just right for you. You can go check them out individually by yourself, or read our pick of the best five subwoofers of 2017.

Where to Buy?

When it comes to buying subwoofers or any audio products in general, people may find themselves at a quandary. From deciding on the brand type to reviewing products and comparing prices, the things one must do to ensure they are getting the right product are plenty.

If you happen to be a person who likes to shop from home and wants to get the best deals, then there can be no better place to buy subwoofers than online. Yes, you can even see user reviews on the sites to better help you gauge the quality and efficiency of a particular product.

However, be sure that you pick the right brand and product as those two factors will play a great role in the kind of experience you get out of your audio system.

The best Car Subwoofer – It’s something you must have!

When it comes to the best car subwoofer, the first thing that most people tend to notice is the bass. It easily has the maximum amount of “wow” factor that can leave people impressed. And what better component to add the much-needed X factor than a powerful subwoofer that’s a right fit for your vehicle.

Knowing how to install subwoofers is also crucial as it will determine the kind of output you get. If you think you cannot do the installation yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a local custom installer to do the job. Remember, a good one time investment pays large dividends than reluctant pay jobs.

Please refer to the FAQ’s in all our reviews for having to be clear on the various last minute and even general queries on the nature of the product. And most importantly, buy what you like the most to see it perform live. Joy cannot get any greater than that!


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