Best Power Wheels for Kids to Buy in 2019: Guide


​Age Group



​Buy Now

​Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

​3 - 7

1 Year

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

​2 - 6

1 Year

Best Choice Products 12V Truck - Black

​3 - ​8

60 Days

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150

​2 - 4

1 Year

​Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

​2 - 7

1 Year

​Best Choice Products 12V Truck - ​Red

3 - 8

60 Days

​Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

​2 - 7

1 Year

​Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing

​5 - ​10

1 Year

Buying gifts for kids is never easy.

Especially for those toddlers who are very picky about their games and toys.

There are so many gifting options available that picking out the right product may seem like a mammoth task.

However, if you’re a parent who wants nothing but the best for your child, take a look at our recommendation of best power wheels available in the market today.

Sure, these Electric ride ons may seem to be slightly on the expensive side, but they make for fascinating gifts nonetheless. So, just buy one among our recommendation of best models that pique your fancy and see your kid have countless hours of fun!

Our Choice of Power Wheels for Kids (2019)



Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

Give your kid an earthy experience by buying him/her the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor. The tractor not only gives your child the exhilaration of something as majestic as this but will also take him/her to the farms and the meadows that probably the city life just can’t offer.

Standout Product Features

  • This tractor comes with 2 ranges of speed along with reverse; the speeds being 2¼ & 4½ mph
  • It is accompanied by an accelerator pedal
  • To have a more secure vehicle, it comes with automatic brakes
  • The Farm tractor wheels also provide smooth traction on any kind of pathways
  • It comes along with an extra large trailer
  • It also gives your kid the enjoyment of an FM radio
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat with flip-up armrests

What did we like about the product?

Why do you see your kid having the time of his life in this tractor? Well, unlike all the other fancy power wheels, seeing your kid drive the John Deere Ground Force Tractor will bring you the nostalgia of your own childhood back at the farms. Coupled with automatic breaks, the best part about this tractor is that you can control the level of gear by locking it to the second gear making it even safer for your kid.

The fantastic inbuilt FM will have your kid go all howdy riding the tractor. Talking about the comfort of riding it, this tractor comes with a wide seat along with armrests on both the sides and an extra large stake-side trailer. Moreover, the tractor is sturdy on any kind of paths, making it the ultimate choice for an ultimate fun ride!


It is an excellent product for your kid to have a sturdy, howdy feeling of riding a tractor. Also, it comes with the best safety practices, hence making it an ideal choice!

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Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer, Pink

When it comes to the electric cars for children, our top choice undoubtedly had to be the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer. This product features Monster Traction drive system that powers through mud, wet grass, ruts, and other uneven surfaces with utmost ease.

This model has been designed to overcome typical backyard bumps without getting stuck and looks exceptionally stylish as well.

Standout Product Features

  • Can run effortlessly on wet grass, hard and rough surfaces thanks to the Monster Traction system
  • Drives at a minimum speed of 2.5 mph and a  maximum of 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse
  • Comes with Power-Lock Brake for additional safety and control
  • Bucket style seats for kids along with metal sidebars for hand support provide perfect comfort to let your kids play hours at a time
  • Comes with a 12 V battery and power adaptable charger

What did we like about the product?

Why is this among the best models? Well, Power Wheels Dune Racer offers two speeds, one for beginners and another for more experienced riders. If your kid has never driven before, you can configure the settings of this model to let him/her begin at a speed of 2.5 mph. This will allow your child to cruise effortlessly and have great fun doing so.

When they’ve gained some experience, crank up the maximum speed to 5 mph in forward direction to leave them overwhelmed with joy! Relax; there is no question of your child getting involved in a mishap because the reliable Power-Lock Brake does its job without failing.

Moreover, this product is durable as it consists of a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 130 lbs of weight! This is undoubtedly one of the very best in terms of robustness.


Chrome wheels, flashy pink color, and outstanding durability make this product a fantastic purchase. Your kid will love it, and so will you. So go ahead and buy it now!

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Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck W/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Lights

One of the most recognized names in the area of Ride-on cars happens to be Best Choice Products. The 12V Ride On Car Truck is yet another fantastic release by the company that is made to win hearts of both children and their parents. What makes one of these products top rated?

It’s the fantastic combination of a real truck design and advanced features that make this product truly shine. There is no way your kid would be disappointed once you give him/her this unique toy.

Standout Product Features

  • This single child Ride-on car is equipped with a steering wheel and foot pedal accelerator
  • It comes with 14-inch traction wheels equipped with functional Spring suspension system
  • Offers three speed options: 12 V motor for high, medium, and low speeds
  • Highly attractive design and non-toxic plastic body make for outstanding visual aesthetic
  • Additional controller option for parents
  • Package includes rechargeable 12 V 7 Ah batteries and easy charger
  • Dual Option Music for more fun

What did we like about the product?

Among all the high-tech features, the ones that truly impressed us are the 2.4 GHz parental controller and Dual Option Music. The controller comes with push buttons for forward/reverse, left/right turns, and buttons for emergency stop as well as speed settings. This feature alone makes it one of the best on the market today.

The Dual Option Music will allow your child to play the inbuilt musical tunes and radio, or take control of the included AUX cord and run their own playlist. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck is truly a life-sized vehicle in a teeny tiny model.


For the price at which this car is available among best, we say that the Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck is an exceptional value for money product. This has been designed to not only please your child but also your pockets.

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Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150

The small yet powerful Power Wheels Ford F150 model by Fisher-Price is an excellent choice for a toy electric car. This model pretty accurately resembles the 11th Generation Ford F150 truck while bringing all the goodness of a product that a child will enjoy. It is durable, spacious, and incredibly easy to drive on a variety of surfaces.

And the best part is perhaps the fact that this is among the top power wheel models available right now. So, even if you’re a bit tight on budget, buying this won’t stress your pocket.

Standout Product Features

  • Boasting big and rugged tires, this model by Fisher-Price makes a solid first impression
  • Comes with a roomy truck bed as a space for cargo
  • Under the hood, there is a pretend engine that succeeds in lending authenticity to the toy
  • Can go up to 3.5 mph in both forward and reverse
  • Has no problem traversing through grass and other hard surfaces

What did we like about the product?

Apart from the fact that this fully functional replica is very modestly priced, it has also effortlessly packaged many exciting features. Starting from the make-believe engine to a moderate level of speed of 3.5 mph, this toy car is indeed something every child will enjoy.

What makes this product even more popular amongst the best products is because the kids can go off-roading in complete safety. Thanks to the electronic braking system, the car is stopped in its tracks as soon as the driver’s foot moves away from the pedal.

The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150 has been made of extremely durable plastic that is capable of supporting up to 65 LB (29.5 KG), so there is no question of the model getting damaged any time soon.


Gift your kid this power wheel to build up their motor skills and boost their self-confidence of eventually driving real cars.

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1. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Coming forth on our list is yet another product by Fisher-Price, and this time in the form of Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler. This model comes with space to seat 2 and offers an exhilarating riding experience on a variety of terrain.

With adorable visual aesthetics, fully functional doors, and the style of the evergreen Jeep Wrangler, this product truly shines among our other choices of top toy cars.

Standout Product Features

  • Realistic style of Jeep Wrangler brings a breath of fresh air in terms of visual design
  • The color theme has been borrowed from the highly popular Frozen movie by Disney
  • Has a roomy back storage area for storing cargo
  • Can go up from 2.5 to 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse
  • Can accommodate 2 (one driver and one passenger)
  • Functional doors that open and close lends that extra bit of authenticity to this model

What did we like about the product?

Having produced a countless number of unique toys for kids, Fisher-Price has once again shown what they are capable of with the Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler. This product just doesn’t look good; it’s very robust and can accommodate as much as 130 pounds!

The speed levels are perfect for both beginner and advanced level drivers as they can manually select what they’re comfortable with. Once your child is behind the wheel, he/she will get to learn about the mechanics of driving a car and not to mention the joy that comes with riding with a friend.

If you’re concerned about the safety aspect of this power wheel, don’t worry because Fisher-Price has included Power-Lock brakes as well.


If you’re searching for kids’ ride on toys, you won’t find a lot of brands in this industry that holds the same level of respect as Fisher-Price. So, all we’ve got to say is that you can go ahead and buy this with your eyes closed.

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2. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control, Leather Seat, LED Lights

Now, we’d like to include another ride on car manufactured by Best Choice Products in our list. This model is not only stylish in appearance but also extremely durable when put through severe conditions. Not only can you expect your kid to learn the ropes of driving through this toy car, but also watch them having countless hours of fun.

This model is appropriate for children aged between 3 to 6 years and is a perfect gift in the top power wheels category thanks to its affordable price tag. Don’t go anywhere; check out its features for yourself.

Standout Product Features

  • This Ride-on car can reach a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour due to its 12 V motor
  • The design is highly attractive and should appeal to almost all kids
  • Comes fully prepared with ABS plastic body, adjustable seatbelt, and comfy leather seats
  • There are also fully functional LED lights for maximum realism
  • Every purchase comes with rechargeable 12V 7Ah batteries and AC charger

What did we like about the product?

Apart from the features mentioned right above, the 12V Ride On Car Truck by Best Choice Products consists of a remote control with multiple push buttons. Using these, your kid will be able to move the car forward/reverse, left/right, stop the vehicle, as well as run in high/low speeds. It’s always a good practice to encourage your child to buckle up the safety belts, so don’t forget that.

This model is perfectly operational via the foot pedal accelerator and steering wheel combo. Once your toddler gets the hang of driving the car, it’s very unlikely they’ll require your supervision any further.


Not only do we strongly recommend this product to everyone, but believe that the Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control is one of the best available in this price range. So, just go for it!

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3. Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler is the perfect choice if you wish to buy a powerful jeep for your child, that too not just one; it has space for two children! The vehicle comes with strength coupled with tons of entertainment. The Jeep Wrangler also has spacious cargo storage at the back to hold all of the toys of your kids! Read ahead to know about the other amazing features.

Standout Product Features

  • Comes with Talking microphone and functional speaker
  • It can comfortably tread on rough surfaces and grass
  • Allows 2.5 and 5 mph maximum speed with forwarding; and 2.5 mph (4 km/h) maximum
  • Speed with Reverse
  • Comes with 12-volt battery and charger

What did we like about the product?

Happiness is when shared! The Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler comes with a place for two and not just one! Have your kid sit with his buddy and take an enjoyable ride with a talking microphone and fun sounds and rocking tunes to enhance their mood!

The Jeep comes with a robust architecture to take up to a weigh to 130 lbs and apart from the accompanying entertainment; it gives your kid the motor skills to drive an actual vehicle with forward and reverse gears.

The Jeep also comes with a one year warranty backed by 300 service centers throughout the country. The safety of the vehicle has been extensively tested in the Fisher-Price onsite Play Lab and through the Fisher-Price in-home test program, making your feel secured when your kid is having the best time!


It’s safe, it’s strong, and it is the Power Wheel your kid should have! With an extra seat and extra storage, this Jeep has got all that you wish to have for your child!

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4. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing, Orange

Fisher-Price is turning out to be a brand with no equals. After bringing out quality toys for kids time after time, the company has indeed proved itself to be a legend. This new model for 2018 has already become a rage among kids and parents alike due to its unique build and top-of-the-line safety features.

Sure, the season of gifting might have passed, but it’s not too late to get your child the toy they have always wanted. Check out these features if you’re not convinced.


Standout Product Features

  • Goes at a speed of 5 mph (8 km/h) forward, and 2.5 mph (4 km/h) in reverse
  • Simple controls thanks to the dual joysticks that even makes going in reverse easier
  • Unique 360° spin control for a joyride
  • Excellent traction control built for off-road driving
  • Large, durable tires that is suitable for multiple terrain types

What did we like about the product?

This model stands out and is a notch above the rest due to its functionality alone. Of course, you can tell from the image that this isn’t your regular power wheel model, but what makes it unique? It is of course that 360° spin functionality that will let your kids enjoy this ride even without moving an inch forward.

If you are someone who worries a lot about safety, then you’d be glad to know that this model also comes with parent-controlled speed settings that give you the power to decide how fast or how slow the car will go. Isn’t that amazing? In fact, the company recommends turning on the parent control as it is also supposed to make the kids learn faster.


This power wheel is unlike any other we tested. And if your kid has a fondness for unique, unusual things, he/she might just love this product. But, it isn’t for everyone.

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Would you rather watch the video review? Check this out!

Is it necessary for me to buy a Power Wheel having a warranty?

Not every power wheel car comes with a warranty, but you may want to consider this because it will help to counterbalance extra future expenses. Even though we always hope for the best, it’s not uncommon for various parts within the motor or the battery to fail. The cost of replacing these parts can get quite expensive if you have to pay for yourself.

This is where having a seller warranty would work in your favor as the manufacturer of will be legally obliged to take care of damaged or malfunctioning parts. It’s highly recommended that you purchase the power wheels that come with a warranty.

Things to check when buying the power wheels

Once you have made the decision on which power to purchase, be sure to check for the following aspects before bringing it home:

  • The sturdiness and durability of the material using which the power wheel has been made
  • Thoroughly check the wheels for any anomalies
  • Check the strength and ruggedness of the power wheel’s frame
  • Doubly check the engine when it starts and make a note of irregularities if any
  • Follow the setup manual exactly to the dot to ensure proper functioning

Ensuring that everything is up to standards and fully functional will not only give you the peace of mind knowing you made the right purchase, but also make your child proud. Not every parent possesses knowledge about complex technology that goes into making power wheels. Check more power wheel varieties here.

Thrill on the wheel!

Which child doesn’t relish the chance to jump on a toy that moves around? And what possibly could be better than a toy that moves on its own power? That is the biggest charm of power wheels and why these products have continued to gain so much popularity among children of all ages. Power wheels are also becoming safer with every new release as well thanks to the rising popularity.

Picking the right product for your kid is imperative as it will allow them to get out there and have fun. It will also ensure their safety at all times so that your little one is protected during his/her playtime.

best power wheels

Power Wheels battery maintenance tips

A lot of people are skeptical about buying their kids’ power wheels toys because they feel that the battery life of these toys is not built to last. Their apprehension is understandable because these are after all electric Ride on cars meant for children. This doesn’t, however, mean that you cannot extend the battery of the power wheels.

This section of our guide will answer every query that you may have regarding the batteries of these power wheels. Click to see more maintenance tips for power wheels.

Q1. How often should I recharge the batteries?

You should charge the batteries for at least 14 hours minimum after each use of the vehicle or whenever the car begins to show the signs of slowing down. When your kid is not riding the car or when it’s not in regular use, remember to charge the batteries at least once every month until the time normal use is resumed.

Q2. How long will my kid be able to ride after the battery has been charged?

This mainly depends on the power wheel model and size of its battery. Usually, riding time is affected by the following factors:

  • Weight of the passenger
  • Driving surface
  • The charge remaining in the battery
  • Whether the vehicle is used extensively or sparsely
  • If the vehicle is moving in slow or high-speed
  • The condition of the connectors and electrical switches
  • Outside environmental temperature

The quality of the car matters a lot, but not even the greatest power wheels can outlast the normal battery life if the external conditions don’t favor it.

Q3. What’s the average life expectancy of a battery?

Battery life mostly varies on how well you follow the battery care instructions. The total number of hours also affects the batteries along with few other external factors like outside weather, quality of the battery, etc. You can typically expect a battery to last an average of 1 to 3 years.

If you have any reason to suspect that there might be a problem with the charger, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer for a replacement.

Q4. When and how should I store the power wheel?

Even the most high-quality power wheels require proper care when not in use. During rainy or snowy weather, store the vehicle inside or under any protective cover. This will prevent the model from not only attracting dirt but also reduce the chances of falling prey to rust or mold. Also, do not forget to recharge the batteries at least one time a month even if the vehicle is not in use.

Q5. How should I dispose off the power wheels battery?

Due to the high level of toxicity, never place used batteries inside of a regular trash as it may harm the environment. Instead, try to return the battery to a federal or state approved battery recycling factory.

Q6. Can batteries of power wheels get overcharged?

Yes, we highly recommend that you do not leave the power of the battery to run more than 12 to 15 hours in a single session. The battery charger that comes with every power wheel is not an automatic charger that can sense when the battery is fully charged and shut itself off automatically.

Leaving the battery to charge for more than the stipulated time can lead to damage of the inner plates due to generations of excessive heat. If the battery is left on the charger long enough, it might also swell up in size and finally crack open.

Read more about safety of power wheels  by clicking on the link.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, all of us concerned parents want one thing and one thing only – to see our little ones smile. This perhaps nothing better that can bring a smile on the toddler’s faces than unwrapping a huge box to find a toy like this right in front of him.

Our choice of the best power wheels promises 100% satisfaction and durability to last a long time with only a minimal amount of care. You don’t need an excuse to make your child happy, so don’t wait for Christmas; buy this product now and light up their faces like you’ve never seen before.

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