10 Best Tips to Bring Along Your Dog on a Car Road Trip

Talk about having a dog, and that is one of the most special bonds you’ll ever have in life.

The purpose of having a pet should never be one for just your own sake. It is a relationship like any other that should be valued and cherished forever.

And what can be more wondrous than having your canine friend lolling their tongue out of the car-window beside you, while you guys are on a road trip together!

However, there can be a problem one too many while you’re on a road trip with your dog.

But, worry not because we have brought for you the essential tips to help prepare you and your dog for that awaited journey onwards.

Top 10 Tips on How to Travel Long Distance with a Dog


1. Get your dog checked up

Never forget to get your dog checked up by the veterinarian before taking him out on a trip. Make very sure that your dog is completely up-to-date with his latest vaccinations and medications.

Consult with the doctors on issues like worms, ticks, and fleas that are the common parasites. Take proper care to avoid any allergic reactions from unknown sources. Total vaccinations and booster shots should crush the chances of major threats like Rabies, Tetanus and Lyme disease.



2. Keep your dog’s identification papers handy

Heaven forbids that you get separated from your friend under any circumstance. Do not forget to keep your dog’s identification papers and one of his recent photos with you in the car or even save a soft copy of them with you always. These are usually more important that people take them to be.

Make sure to always keep your dog’s ID tag on him. You can also consider keeping a tracking chip on your dog lest he somehow loses his way.

3. Prep up your car for the trip

Consider making special changes to your car concerning your dog’s requirements. Invest in getting a good safety harness for your dog to buckle him securely in his seat. This is very necessary for the safety of your furry friend while on the road.

Nowadays, a great many varieties of good travel harnesses are made easily available for you at your nearest pet store. You may also consider getting a soft-sided carrier if you have a smaller dog. Ensure a snug storage slot for keeping your dog’s travel kit.

4. Arrange and pack up your dog’s travel kit

This is the most exciting and also the most crucial part of your travel preparation for your dog. Make sure that you have a list of your dog’s favorites and essentials ready before you start packing. These should include:

  • Your dog’s medical documents along with all his medications. These should also include his vitamins, supplements, and tonics.
  • Keep a fully stocked first-aid kit.
  • A few tubes of pet-safe insect repellants.
  • All of your dog’s favorite toys and personal essentials. Do not forget his favorite chewables and squeakers. Take his blanket and food bowls so that he feels at home.
  • All his favorite food and treats. Avoid getting ready made ones or different brands while on the trip.
  • Shampoos and brushes
  • Your dog’s favorite water bowl
  • Disposable poop bags
  • Protective clothing for your dog
  • Disposable wipes and other sanitary arrangements

5. Look for pet-friendly accommodations

It is essential to look for lodging that doesn’t require your best friend to be caged up. Remember, that not all lodgings or resorts are pet-friendly.

Make sure that you inquire about the pet policies of your lodging beforehand. Be informed about the rules and restrictions and the possible fees for different pet activities of your location.



6. Train your pooch before leaving for the trip

Consider training your dog before embarking on your trip. Make sure that your dog’s daily routine of intake and excretion is not interrupted by a change of place. Commanding your dog to eliminate on regular intervals will reduce the probability of him defecating at unfavorable hours and places.

Train your dog to manage his behavioral patterns. Make sure he listens to you and does not wander off away from your sight.

7. Prepare your dog for the trip

Well, dogs can be as sensitive to motion sickness, and anxiety as most of us can be.

It is always a great idea to keep your dog relaxed and entertained during the trip. Talk to your dog like you would converse with any other mate. Dogs are very responsive to their owners calling out their names. Listening to the sound of your voice will calm your dog if he gets agitated in the car.

You can also consider taking a few short test drives with your dog if he has a fear of riding in cars.

Try to keep your dog entertained and engaged with something to do, during the trip, such as playing or cuddling up with his favorite toy.

8. Do not feed your dog right before you leave

Avoid feeding your dog right before you guys leave for the trip together. Make sure that you feed your dog at least 3-4 hours prior to leaving the house.

You may consider taking your dog out for a short walk and one last trip to the bathroom after he has had his meal before you start out on your journey. This will relax your dog and also eliminate the problem of having to visit the restroom mid-trip, for a reasonable period.



9. Always take frequent breaks during the ride

It is imperative that you take regular breaks during your journey for both yourself and your pet. Take restroom and refreshment breaks. Stretch out all six legs out of the car.

Taking breaks will also ensure that your pet doesn’t get exhausted or agitated during the ride. Provide your dog with the release that he deserves and a chance to renew his spirits.

10. Always carry your water

Remember to bring your water always on a trip for both your dog and yourself. Avoid letting your dog drink from a common source and make sure that it stays hydrated during the trip. You can carry anti-spillage or collapsible water bowls and carriers for this purpose.

To sum things up

Be as understanding to your dog’s needs, as unconditional your dog will be in his love for you. Make that road trip a memorable one by keeping in mind a few such things.

Hope you liked our listicle.

Now, who’s a good boy?

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Aca Baranton says August 12, 2020

Excellent tips! From my personal experience I would say that getting dog acclimatized for such a long trip is very important otherwise they get really uncomfortable and the trip gets spoiled.

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