Every child loves a ride on car. From the first day that they catch a ride on Dad’s shoulders they seek ways to get around faster and discover more of their surroundings.

A well-chosen ride on car will give your child the mobility that he (or she) seeks from an early age. It will improve his fitness and teach him coordination and balance.

Since ride on toy cars are not cheap, it is important to choose a car that is capable of entertaining and engaging your child for a sufficient amount of time.  

The best toy for your child will depend on his age and level of development.

Nowadays there are lots of choices on the market, here are a couple things you should take note of when buying a ride on car for your child.


This most important aspect of selecting an appropriate ride on toy is to check the safety aspects. Every ride on toy comes with some type of risk. The trick is to ensure that that risk is minimized by ensuring that certain basic safety measures are in place.

Slow moving or stationary toys may require little by way of safety features, but as they speed up they should include features such as brakes and seat belts.

You may also consider purchasing safety gear for your little rider. Always supervise the activities of small children. Balance is very important in a ride on toy. The toy should have a low center of gravity to guard against tipping or falling over. This is provided by a broad base close to the ground.

The wheels or rockers should offer solid support for the weight of your child. The distance separating the rockers or wheels are important determinants of balance.

To check the balance of the toy gently push it from side to side. It should stay in an upright position.

Ensure that the product is designed for the height and weight of your child.

Patterns, colors and design

Choose toys that will appeal to your child over the long run. Wagons, rocking horses, bicycles and tricycles have ageless appeal, and will not end up an expensive but forgotten toy in the corner of the yard of the playroom.

Sound effects, flashing lights, cartoon characters and bright colors can all help to improve the allure of the toy for your child.

Extendable seats and handlebars

Seat adjustment options and extendable handles can help the product to grow with your child, ensuring that it is suitable for a longer period of time.

Some ride on toys are expensive so the ability to grow with your child may be important to you. A back-support feature is appropriate for small children.

Age appropriate

Most toy cars are designed for children of 12 to 36 months, and some may even extend up to five years.

Regardless of the age of the child, their feet must reach the floor or the pedals. Your child should be able to climb on and off without assistance. Their knees should not touch the steering wheel of a battery-operated ride on toy.

Toys should also match the level of coordination, skill and balance of your child.

Battery versus manual power

Pedal or leg driven ride on toys are most appropriate for children under three. Some battery powered units are, however, designed for younger children. Battery powered toys operate a low-speeds to reduce the risk of injury or collision.

Battery powered toys – what’s important?

If you decide to opt for a battery powered ride on toy, you should consider the following:

Battery power – ensure that you choose the most appropriate battery size. Ride on toys typically have one of three sizes, 6V, 12V or 24V. The bigger the battery, the longer it will hold a charge. The heavier the child, the larger the battery should be.

Motor wattage – The bigger the motor the higher the power and speed. As with the battery, larger children will require a more powerful motor.


Usually, there is a strong correlation between the quality and the price of the toy that you purchase. Look out for a warranty. Manufacturers should offer at least one year.

Check the materials that the toy is made of. Some toys are designed for indoor use and will not withstand the elements. The wheels of others may not endure the rigors of gravel or cement.

Ride on toys improving childhood development

Ride on toys offers small children the freedom of movement that they find exhilarating. A carefully chosen ride on toy will afford your child many happy hours of fun and games.

They help your child to learn balance and coordination and develop the gross motor skills in small children.

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Roger is a mechanical engineer by day and grease monkey by night, who spends all his free time tweaking things in his car. His love for car audio equipment is only matched by his desire to help others find the best products suited to their needs.

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Abey says October 28, 2018

Battery charging time can also be a really important factor. Many of the rides on cars don’t come with fast charging, which means, you have to charge it for 12 hrs in order to ride it for 45-60 minutes. Overall a great checklist you have here.
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