Lanzar VCT2610 6,000-Watt 2-Channel High-Power Mosfet Amplifier Review

The Lanzar name might fail to ring a bell for most car audio enthusiasts; however, this behemoth of an amplifier will surely leave your ears ringing. Provided that it is backed up by powerful speakers or subwoofers of course. The best thing about the Lanzar VCT2610 is its ludicrous peak power output of 6000 Watts, and on top of that, it comes at a price that’s highly affordable.

In this review, we will find out everything you need to know about this brilliant amplifier and see whether it is worth the asking price. But before that, let us take a look at its impressive features list.

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Product Features

  • The Peak Power Output is rated at 6000 W.
  • The Stereo RMS Power Output at 2 Ohm impedance is rated at 600 W, while the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is rated at 900 W for 2
  • The Stereo RMS Power Output at 4 Ohm impedance is rated at 300 W, while the THD is rated at 450 W for 2
  • The Bridged Power at 4 Ohm impedance is rated at a whopping 8000 W!
  • It has two 60 Amp Maxi type fuse.

Why should you buy this?

Do not be fooled by its average rating on the web. Most users who have rated this product poorly surely have not gone through the user manual. Granted that its peak power rating of 6000 W can lead people to believe it can drive speakers of equivalent power, it is the RMS power rating that users should focus on instead. We believe that the RMS rating is powerful enough to drive speakers that will shake up the whole neighborhood.

Moreover, when you factor in the price, this is quite an exceptional deal indeed. It is not all sunshine and rainbows though, this amplifier with its rather ungainly dimensions of 10.6 inches X 1.8 inches X 22 inches (27 cm X 4.5 cm X 56 cm) and mundane design takes some getting used to.

However, if you can move past that, this is one of the best value for money products you will find. Finally, the cherry on top is the 1 year product warranty, and that should surely seal the deal for you. And if you want other top car amps, click here.

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  • It offers incredible value for money.
  • The max RMS power output for 2 channels is rated 600 W at 2 Ohm impedance, and that is very impressive for the price.
  • The audio output is loud and crisp.


  • It is quite large and unwieldy.
  • The design could’ve been better

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Roger is a mechanical engineer by day and grease monkey by night, who spends all his free time tweaking things in his car. His love for car audio equipment is only matched by his desire to help others find the best products suited to their needs.

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