Sound Storm LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers Review

We are going to discuss one such subwoofer today, known as Sound Storm LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers. This is one such product, loaded with innumerable user-friendly features, which will ensure you to have the best experience when it comes to the listening to quality music along with different bass effects. This is simply the best 8 inch subwoofer available at a modest price tag.

Car owners love to drive across the world listening to music in their car audio system. There are people, who travel for extended distance for various purposes, and while traveling such far distances, they would rather unwind listening to music to cheer up their mood.

Music is one such thing that will let the users cheer up at almost every time they turn the power on. Modern car stereos have amazing parts and accessories including built-in amplifiers and subwoofers. These guarantee high bass output, and this ensures a quality production.

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Product Features

For those who may have doubts on how the product will perform with just an 8-inch subwoofer and an amplifier suited for your car, here is the list of features, which the Storm Sound LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers include is as follows:

  • The product LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers’ dimensions are 16.1×12.9×5 inches in size and weighs 12.8 pounds. If included the total package weight, it will come up to 27.2 lbs.
  • Quality amplifiers ensure that the product creates a booming bass effect from the car stereo speakers. Thus, a person selecting this product will definitely get splendid sound output from the subwoofer.
  • The subsonic filter range from 20 to 50 Hz, which ensures an excellent range of frequency modulation that makes listening to music even on a noisy road enjoyable. The active-low pass filter is set at a frequency of 20-150 Hz for allowing the perfect efficient sound output.
  • LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers come with the package of RCA functions to aid the user to change and manipulate low-level or high-level inputs. This will ease the functionality of the product at different instance of operations.
  • Availability of a 10-inch variant is suitable for an SUV, CUV, or a crossover, while for the smaller cars, the standard 8-inch subwoofers will do wonders.
  • Subwoofer remote control is available, allowing the user to change the modulations and volume functions related to each of the subs.

What Is Unique about the Product?

Every subwoofer in the world has something peculiar that makes the quality of music high and also ends up getting reviews from the customers. In this matter, LOPRO8 8-inch sub is in no way different. Here are the reasons, why one should check out this product for their car audio.

  • Compact size is one of the key features of this product, and the buyer of the product can easily install them without any major hiccups. It will be fair to say that most of the under seat subwoofers are very easy to install. During the installations, the user gets to screw down or bolt in with the help of brackets or even with the help of Velcro straps to join the points in the right place.
  • Remote control is something, which is common for many 8-inch subwoofers, which shall be of immense assistance in manipulating the bass levels according to the wish of the users.
  • Amazing quality of the speakers is also one of the reasons that LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers is getting a big thumbs up as verdict from many users. It is evident that the product from a company like Sound Storm will offer one of the best subwoofers, and brave the competition in the world of subwoofers, which is on the higher side.
  • High Class Semiconductor Transistors are there in the audio system, which helps in giving high efficiency to the product. Besides this, the presence of conventional Class A/B amplifiers works with linear circuitry that enhances the quality and power while improving the net efficiency.
  • The shallow design of the amplified subwoofer is quite capable of producing RMS of 400 Watts and this drop as much low to about 20Hz. The wide set of frequency range helps in reducing issues like distortions and noise. The ideal range of 20-50 Hz is the subsonic filter range, which will allow the subsonic filter to ignore frequencies below a certain range. This feature is unique to the product and by no means allows any distortion even if you listen to loud music of hard metal on your car audio.
  • One other feature that car audio allows is the provision of low-level inputs accept the preamp output signals, which will allow the addition of amps and processors to each single unit.
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What are the buyers saying?

Buyers had rated 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon when I logged in to check out the LOPRO8 8-inch subwoofers. More than 60% of these buyers had certified the product as excellent when they used it in their vehicles. Let us check out briefly, what some of the certified customers have to say about the products,

One such popular buyer, RSR from Tampa, FL says that the product did perfectly fit in their 2011 KIA Sportage car. The best thing a subwoofer can initially provide its buyers is when the sub is properly in pair with the amplifier. This in the case was perfect from the buyers’ point of view.

One more certified reviewer called Jesse, recalls and certifies the product is good for the size and price tag it comes for. The reviewer has a Ford Focus and has the system installed under the seat without any hassle. Although a bit skeptical, if the fittings would be perfect, rest assured the system’s installation without any notable hassles.

A reviewer, Jason H has rated 5 on 5 and relates the subwoofer working brilliantly. He relates the product is working perfectly fine and that he can adjust the bass effect as per his wish.

Final Verdict

Sound Storm’s LOPRO8 600 Watts is an outstanding product in the world of speakers and woofers. The complete set containing an 8-inch bass box, amplifiers will work wonders when the music starts to play. It will be fair to say that considering the price, this is the best 8 inch subwoofer a car audio lover would love to buy.

Always refer to the review, FAQ’s and manuals before operating the product, and always ensure that the connections while installation is done with extreme care.

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