MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure Review

Have ever wondered of listening to the state-of-the-art sound while travelling across the countryside? If so, then you are looking at right product, which will serve you as the best bet in purchasing the best subwoofer for your car.

MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure is one of the finest subwoofers in the market right now, these cheap 12 inch subwoofers have won wide accolades of being one of the best subwoofer brands of the recent past. Starting from the price to the ultimate output, MTX Terminator TNE212D has stood up to all the criteria of being a user friendly and power packed performer.

This is typically suited for those people, who listen to music across different genres most of the times. Because of mtx terminator 12 dual speakers, the sound effect is more than appreciable and will let the user enjoy to the fullest while focusing on the driving.

However, while purchasing any such subwoofers, one should be careful of fake and counterfeit products, which might result in poor feedback or untimely malfunction. Let us now briefly discuss the product and let us see how the buyers have rated the product.

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Features of the product 

MTX Terminator TNE212D is one of the best powered subwoofer, typically suited for people, who love to listen to the pumping highly energetic numbers or even to slow melodious songs. If you drive a big car, the sound clarity and the volume along with the detailed sound effects would be on the higher side. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • High Power Resistance:The huge MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure system produces a high power output of a mammoth 1.2kW and thereby giving indications on how power packed output it will be while driving the car. With a RMS of 250 Watts, these subwoofers concisely will promise to bring aloud-level output responsiveness. This also means that whatever genre song or music you listen, the bass effect would also be quite prominent to the ears.
  • Durability: The material used in the manufacturing the product is Polypropylene, which is an organic material best for preserving a long-term durability for the product. The maintenance of stress levels and abrasion reduces in a system made of these materials. Thus, the overall wear and tear of the woofers is minimal considering the high tensile strength of the polypropylene material.
  • Large Speakers: MTX terminator comes with large subwoofers and amplifiers to ensure extra bass effect while playing any sort of music genres. The giant speakers will deliver the bass reaches to all the possible corners of a vehicle.
  • Elegant Looks: MTX terminator comes in a classy old school style. The looks of the entire panel including the woofers, amplifiers and the subwoofers, this system is a must for those persons, who loves to have an old school look at his vehicle. Other feature includes the presence of terminator logos wrapped aircraft grade carpet. The presences of this kind of looks add to the elegance of the product besides making the music sound better.

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Uniqueness of the product

MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure comes with various aspects. Here are some of the points that caught our attention and we bet that would have the same impact on you too.

  • Lesser impedance of 2 Ohms will allow the amplifier and will result in producing a remarkable quality of music, with minimum levels of distortion. This point is one of the highlights that shall impress the music lovers by a great deal.
  • Polypropylene Material, which goes in to the design of these subwoofers, gives out a promise of remarkable durability and the long lasting nature of several years.
  • MDF material, which is popular for its strength and for adding flexibility, is one of the main components, which we can see in this model.
  • The presence of a unique selling feature called aviation grade carpet, allows maintaining the classy old school look of the model. Besides that, the noise level goes down in the output by a great extent too.
  • The wide range of frequency levels allows the production of sound waves with minimal sound distortion levels.
  • The powerful Thunder 500 amplifiers go in the system, which allows extra power boost, which, enhances in producing the best result out of the system.
  • The design of the subwoofer is suitable for large cars and it is necessary that you have a look and analyze to have a similar system in a smaller car, which might be extremely uncomfortable for the listeners.

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What are the buyers saying?

MTX Audio TNE212D subwoofer is one of the most popular names in the world of subwoofers. The product specifications and the net performance have won a wide accolade amongst many of its competitors.

Out of a huge list of 886 reviewers, one such review by a verified purchaser by the name of Devon Miller, who explains in fitting these speakers in his Honda Accord car and rates this as one of his best buys ever. He has rated 5 out of 5 stars for the product.

One more reviewer by the name of Andrew David Robinson, who too has rated 5 out of 5 stars shares his experience and says that the sound levels were so high, for which his neighbors started to feel jealous of him having such a magnificent product.

Thus from the soaring popularity, it’s quite clear that the product has won wide accolades across the world for being a product, which serves rightfully for a person, who has actually invested a fortune in buying this best powered subwoofer.

Final Verdict

MTX Terminator TNE212D Sub Enclosure is a benchmark quality subwoofers, which will make you proud of your investment as soon as you install. Right from the get-go, the quality of  these cheap 12 inch subwoofers, characterized Polypropylene and MDF material used make their mark.

When combined with the high power wattage, this surely manages to create a unique identity for itself. We recommend you to read the FAQ’s and product manuals clearly, before purchasing any subwoofer due to the intricacies involved.

Otherwise, you can trust our reviews with your eyes closed and order right away from to have the item delivered right next to your doorstep. Don’t wait any longer; get the music system of your dreams today!

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