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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheels

Power wheels have redefined how kids play. But there are some questions that all of us have about these new and cool toys.

Gone are the days when kids’ toys were simple and inexpensive. With each new generation, toys have evolved to accommodate top-notch features. Providing an immersive learning experience without compromising on the fun quotient is the goal of most of the top toy manufacturers today.

Power wheels offer battery-powered, ride-on toy cars for kids aged one to seven years. It is probably the safest way to provide a thrilling playtime for your kids. Given its average price tag of a couple of hundred dollars, you might want to look at some FAQs before buying one of these toys.

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Power Wheels- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are power wheels tires interchangeable?

Power wheel toys come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose from cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Each toy has its unique characteristics, including ideal terrain, speed, and specific tires. Unfortunately, you cannot interchange the tires of a power wheel toy with another.

If you change the tire diameter, the gear ratio changes and the motors may burn out. If you add more traction with spikes or rubber, it impedes the natural spinning action and may overheat break gears and motors. Some tires do not function well on pavement, others on dirt. Make sure that you know what terrain your kid will be driving on before buying the toy.

  1. Are power wheels waterproof?

Toys for kids are perhaps most prone to damage. No matter what it is, a toy will likely be easy to break or malfunction at the hands of a toddler. Power wheels are no exception to this reality. While the ride-on cars are quite durable, they are not exactly waterproof.

Most of the products in the power wheels line are made out of plastic. Small quantities of water will not severely damage the exterior of the toy. The rear drive wheels play a vital role in keeping water and mud out of the toy.

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  1. How fast are power wheels?

A power wheels toy is a fun way to give your kid a preview of the driving experience. What if it goes too fast and is not safe for your kid? What if it is too slow and your kid does not have fun driving it? There has to be a delicate balance when it comes to the speed of a power wheels toy.

The average speed of power wheels toys ranges between one and six miles per hour – neither too fast, nor too slow. The actual speed also depends on the terrain, weight of the kid, and battery voltage.

  1. Can power wheels go in snow?

While there are dozens of power wheels models to cater to various terrains, snow is not one of them. It would be incredible if you could have a ride-on toy car that can go in snow, but power wheels tires do not have any tread on them.

Snow and ice can damage the battery and exposed wires in the battery compartment. You can modify it and add tread to the tires by drilling screws, which may allow it to go in snow. We recommend you do not modify power wheels toys, as it will render the warranty void and useless.

  1. Can you fix a power wheel’s battery?

Fixing a dead battery yourself is not possible. If your power wheels battery is dead, you have to replace it. You can fix an almost dead battery, which may need a kick-start to function again. You should test a battery and identify if it is almost dead or actually dead.

In case of an almost dead battery, you can parallel charge it with another fully charged battery and then use a smart charger to get the job done. We recommend that you do not try to fix any other battery issues unless you know how to do it – trial and error does not bode well for batteries.

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  1. Can adults ride power wheels?

You may be tempted to ride a power wheels toy even if you are a grown up. After all, you did not have such cool toys a couple of decades ago. Even if you can somehow squeeze into it, which is highly unlikely, the toy will not be able to support an adult’s weight.

The majority of power wheels toys can take a load of around 130 to 150 pounds. If you try to ride it, the excessive weight can damage the toy. People have built customized power wheels ride-on toys for adults, but they aren’t available for sale under the company’s official brand name.

  1. Can you overcharge power wheels battery?

One of the most common causes of concern with a power wheels battery is overcharging it. The charger included with power wheels toys is a wall-plug charger which cannot sense if the battery is fully charged. As long as the battery is plugged in, the charger will keep delivering constant voltage.

You are likely to overcharge the battery if you keep it plugged in for more than the recommended time of 24 hours at a time. We recommend buying a smart charger and using it to avoid overcharging your power wheels battery. Learn more about batteries in this guide!

  1. Can power wheels go on grass?

Power wheels toys can function on various terrains, most common of which are grass and cement. There is a slight difference in the speed on different surfaces, with hard surfaces allowing for higher speed than grass. There are various models of power wheels, some of which may be better suited for grass.

Monster truck tires will get better traction on grass and dirt than mustang tires. You need to be careful about the tires on the toy you are considering to buy. As long as you have a power wheel toy that was made to be driven on grassy terrains, you should not face any problem.

  1. Can you paint power wheels?

As we mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to try to modify your power wheels toy. However, when it comes to customized paint jobs, you can do it without having to worry about any problem. We recommend multiple layers of light spray paint to get the job done. Whether your kid’s toy needs fresh paint or you want to change how it looks, painting it is reasonably straightforward.

A power wheels toy is good, but a customized toy that has your kid’s favorite cartoons or movie characters painted on it is undoubtedly better. You should disassemble the toy and paint individual parts for a better finish. We suggest that you exercise caution and ensure that you can assemble the newly painted parts.

  1. How to store power wheels?

One of the reasons why some people do not purchase a power wheels toy is the lack of storage space. Not all of us have a garage or shed where these toys can be conveniently locked away. Fortunately, power wheels can be kept out in the open.

Most of the people who own a power wheels toy cover it with a tarp to protect it from rain and snow. Even if you do not have enough space to keep it in the house, all you need is a tarp. We recommend storing the battery in close quarters to prevent it from freezing.

  1. Are power wheels’ batteries deep cycle?

A power wheel battery is a deep cycle battery, which means that it is designed to discharge about 20 to 50 percent of optimal capacity, followed by recharging hundreds of times. A unique feature of a deep cycle battery that separates it from other batteries is that it has solid lead plates.

The degree of discharge in a deep cycling battery determines the number of cycles it will last. If a battery is discharged below 50% of its maximum capacity, it will usually fail after around one hundred cycles.

  1. How long does a power wheel’s battery last?

A power wheels battery should ideally last for three to four years after purchase. But the actual useful life of the battery is determined by how you maintain it, especially when you are not using it. Storing a battery when not in use, charging it regularly, avoiding overcharging it, and keeping it away from rain and snow are some steps you can take for extended battery life.

We recommend that you strictly follow the Charging and Battery Care instructions given by the manufacturer. It is affected mostly by the number of hours of usage. In case of heavy use, the battery life can come down to around one year.

13. Should I buy power wheels online?

Good question! We have wrote an article on that topic, which you can read by clicking on Where to Buy Power Wheels guide.


Power Wheels provides excellent toys for kids. Unlike most of the other toys, power wheels are meant for long-term use with some families using them for three to four years. Knowing the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about power wheels will allow you to make the most of it.

Till next time, make sure your kids drive safe!

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