Types of Power Wheels Available in the Market Today

There are few things that can surpass the excitement of driving a set of Power Wheels for a preschooler. These toys are an absolute hoot! However, with the market flooded with thousands of different options, it is important to know which set of Power Wheels is the best one for your child.

In this article, we will explore the different types of Power Wheels available in the market and help you lock down on the best category for your child. So read on to find out everything you need to know about the classification of these toys.

Classifying Power Wheels According to Age Group

According to age group, power wheels can be broadly classified into two categories, namely, Power Wheels for preschoolers and Power Wheels for toddlers.

  1. Power Wheels for Toddlers

You can think of these Power Wheels as toned down versions of the Power Wheels for preschoolers. These toys are smaller in size and power and are aimed at children of 2 to 3 years of age.

Since these toys are primarily aimed at toddlers, some of these Power Wheels strongly focus on safety. The Thomas & Friends Power Wheels from Fisher-Price is a shining example of that. It comes with a dedicated track so that your kid does not stray off with his or her set of Power Wheels.

  1. Power Wheels for Preschoolers

A set of Power Wheels for a preschooler is quite an upgrade over the one you would get for a toddler. It is almost synonymous to the difference between a vehicle you would buy for a 16-year-old and one you would buy for a high school graduate; the former being a safer option than the latter.

These toy vehicles typically offer more features like a gear lever, higher battery capacity, more powerful motor. Sometimes they also come equipped with a toy stereo to make things even more exciting for your kid. See more power wheels for kids here.

Classifying Power Wheels According to Body Type

This classification is much like classifying normal vehicles. Power Wheels can be divided into a range of categories according to body type; dune racer, ATVs, jeeps, trucks, sports cars, and motorcycles are some examples of the categories. If your child mainly drives on uneven ground, you can narrow down the categories to dune racer, ATV, and jeeps.

If you’re wondering if you should buy from a store near you or online, we settle the debate in this informative guide!

We believe this article provided you with some helpful knowledge regarding the classification of Power Wheels and made it easier to choose the best category of these toy vehicles for your child.

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